The DAM Book:Digital Asset Management (second ed.)

THE "bible" on how to manage a digital image photo-collection for ease and safety!

photo of the cover of Peter Krogh's "The DAM Book 2nd Ed."Peter Krogh's "The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers {second edition} " is THE book to have to help any photographer learn how to manage a large and GROWING collection of images or photographs. The second edition is MUCH easier to understand than the first, but at heart, it is a simple process. Though frought with perils to be avoided, and Peter works very hard to help you design your very own working process without stepping into any of a couple hundred possible digital mine-fields.

The organization of the book passes from the idea or "theory" of the nature of digital image collections through the nature of the physical "beasts" that are the hard-drives and RAID systems and software that we store our images "on" or pass our images "through".

Finally, he has chapters on several different practical work-flow possibilities, with specific software and hard-ware types. All along, there are a ton of graphics, notes, humorous asides, tales (short!) of his own gross failures or near tragedies, and plenty of just pretty pictures that he uses to serve as examples for the various parts of the whole digital image puzzle.

He even has his own version of Star Trek's "famous" "Prime Directive" ... yes, he's writing a serious book but the man does have a sense of humor and irony!

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